Messenger as a Marketing Channel

As a marketer in 2018 you have probably already hear a lot about Messenger Marketing. But what is it...

Posted on 14-03-2018

Messenger Marketing

As a marketer in 2018 you have probably already hear a lot about Messenger Marketing. But what is it really, and how do use Messenger as a marketing channel ? In this blogpost we will try to give you a good overview of what Messenger Marketing is, and how you can use it.

What is Messenger Marketing?

In it’s simplest form, Messenger Marketing  is simply doing marketing to your customer through messaging apps.

Just you like email marketing, you can build lists of subscribers directly in messaging apps. Once a user has subscribed to your channel you can push content of any kind to your subscribers. New products, New blogposts, news about your company etc.

Is Messenger Marketing then just similar to email marketing?

Not entirely. You can compare email marketing and messenger marketing with each other because they share the same purpose, but doing marketing in messaging apps works much different than communicating to your customers through email.

Messenger Marketing is conversational

Messenger Marketing is much more conversational than Email. Email-communication is more like a 1-to-many, whereas Messaging apps is a 1-to-1 conversation between a Messenger Bot that allows us to give our users a much more personal feeling of talking directly with our company or brand.

Much Higher Open-Rates

Thinking of the cost of marketing, Messenger Marketing is much different from Email Marketing. The Open-Rates in Messaging Apps is much higher than Email, and the engagement of the users are much higher too!

According to Mailchimps monthly emailstats (updated February 1,  2017) the average open-rate of email newsletters is around 20% with a CTR (Click Through Rate) on average 2-3%.

With Messaging Apps the average open rate is 90%+ and Click through rates are spending from 30 to 90%!

Your customers are much more likely to open and react to your content on in Messaging Apps than with an email. Keep in mind that your users are spending more time in their Messaging Apps, than any other app/website!  It’s a whole other talk to dive more into these numbers that we will leave for another time.

Why Facebook Messenger?

It’s no secret that Facebook Messenger isn’t the only Messaging App, so why focus on that? We’ll, for many reasons..

Facebook Messenger has a huge out-reach  with more than 1.3B active users each month. This means that you can reach your customers in most countries in the world through 1 single platform.

Facebook Messenger also integrates very well with Facebook Business Manager. You can create Ads that market your Messenger list, which makes it possible over time, to reduce the cost of doing marketing to your followers if you succeed in building a large subscriberlist on Messenger.

According to Facebook official numbers, 80% of adults and 91% of teens use messaging apps every single day!

Facebook Messenger provides a more conversational flow to interact with your customers. Unlike SMS-marketing, Messenger can send all kind of rich content. Images, Cards, Receipts, GIF-animations, Videos, Galleries, Quick-reply buttons etc.

In the next post of this series we will look at how you can grow your business with Messenger Marketing.