About Postman.ai

Postman.ai is a Software as a service that allows E-commerce store owners and marketers to grow their sales through Facebook Messenger tools. Postman.ai are providing a wide range of E-commerce specific features such as Abandoned Cart Recovery, E-commerce Notifications and Newsletters directly in Messenger.


Our mission is to help both businesses and consumers to get a better online shopping experience. Chatbots provide a mutual benefit as they make online shopping more convenient for the consumers, but also solve business problems. Our more than 10 years of technological experience have made the best system available for even the less technologically skilled, and thereby provides an accessible Chatbot solution for businesses both big and small. Our all-round experience with online shopping, which contains both running, developing and marketing webshops, provides a solution that works in every process of online shopping, both from a business- and consumer perspective. We require that we continue to develop, so the product we create are of high quality and lives up to the ever-changing needs of both technology and consumers. This makes us one of the front runners in our market.


Our vision is to develop a high-quality product, which becomes an indispensability within the world of online shopping by creating functions that creates value for both the businesses and consumers, while making it accessible for all. To reach this goal, we are curious and passionate within our field and we continuously develop by creatively re-thinking solutions and strategies as to live up to the dynamic world of online shopping and technologies.

Our journey

The idea of building the Postman.ai platform started in 2017 where Chatbots were growing in popularity. We then saw a market no other company specialized in. At this point the founder of Postman.ai, Daniel Skov Jacobsen, had been working as a CTO for several years, managing hundreds of Magento shops.

In my work I often took part in discussions about optimizing the shopping experience, and at the same time increasing revenue for our customers. I realized that Chatbots was a big opportunity to develop a product that could help both the businesses and the consumers.

Daniel Skov Jacobsen / Founder

In april 2018 the very first beta of the postman product were being tested, and we quickly saw the huge potential of the product. After a month of testing the product was ready to go into beta in May 2018, and it was, as of this time, already running live on its first online stores. Only one month later the product was ready to be released.

The Postman.ai Chatbot-platform is unique from other marketing-tools, as it applies both a push and pull marketing strategy. Users of the platform can easily push out newsletters and abandoned cart messages directly into their customers’ pockets with outstanding opening-rates compared to traditional e-mail-marketing. Besides this, users are able to pull customers into their unique world by and branding their individual values using imitated interpersonal communication directly with their customers. This can, if executed correctly, create an invaluable relation between the businesses and their peers. This relation can differentiate businesses from their competitors in the vast growing stream of information which consumers are exposed of every day.

Our API- first approach to our product makes it future-sustainable in the ever-changing world of online shopping and technologies. The platform is built with the latest’s technologies, which makes the system easy to update and adjust according to changing demands, and quickly pushing these adjustments out to our customers. Our business-model is based on the Facebook Messenger as of now, but our universal platform is ready to use in many other well-known systems.

Every day we seek to improve and refine what we deliver and develop solutions for the future. These may take the form of new products, new inspiration for our customers, new technologies and more creative ways of working and thinking. This creates more value in the collaboration with our customers and the consumers.